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Top Four Mincecraft Roleplay Server to Suit Your Choice

If you are into internet gaming, then you must be aware that Minecraft is one of the most sought for internet sites to serve your purpose. Roleplay has become an integral part of any internet games where you get the chance to assume an imaginary role in the game, and Minecraft does not disappoint its gamers by the inclusion of roleplay in the games that it offers. There are several Minecraft roleplay servers available, of which the following list makes it to the top in terms of gameplay and voters ratings.

This is one of the best Minecraft roleplay servers that have surpassed the 3K mark in terms of the number of gamers. And to serve this purpose, it has provided access to a vivid range of classic as well as new gaming modes like SemiVanilla, Survival, Faction, SkyGrid, AcidIsland, Creative etc. to provide proper access to these games the server has installed a number of plugins like griefprevetion, skyblock, mcMMO, factions, skyblock, Essentials plots and many more.

One of the pioneers of Minecraft roleplay servers since 2013, Manacube has been maintaining its uniqueness with constant updates according to the requirements of the gamers. It has more than six different game modes broadly classified into daily events, inter-gamer tournaments. Moreover, the server boasts of having a friendly community. Some of the games provided by the server include SkyBlock, Survival, KITPVP, Prison, Creative and many more. It has also installed the required plugins like McMMO, Plots, Skywars etc. for these games.


This particular roleplay server is based on towny survival theme; however, it does not restrict its list of exciting features because of the theme. It has quests, jobs, voting rewards, Mythic drops, McMMO as well as custom plugins that are designed to enhance the gamer’s experience. Moreover, the server has a custom designed ranking system which enables the gamer to unlock newer and enticing features as it levels up during the game.


If you look into the list of prison servers in Minecraft, MCPRISON will undeniably rank as the best amongst the lot. To support such a statement, MCPRISON has come up with the following exciting features: custom explosive picks, mineable random rewards, tokens, drop parties at every few hour intervals, crates and many more. You need to join the server to understand why MCPRISON stands out with the huge number of YouTubers related to it.

These are some of the Minecraft roleplay servers that top the list. You will be able to unearth more of its exciting features once you enroll in it and vote your desired choice. With these servers, you are guaranteed to have a wonderful roleplay experience at Minecraft.