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The Best Minecraft Youtubers

Youtube is filled with all sorts of interesting and creative videos about many different topics. One of the most entertaining and interesting video genres to watch is Minecraft. This is where professional and amateur players alike. Record their games and exploits and post them to YouTube for our enjoyment. You may think that such videos may not attract too much attention. However, some of the best Minecraft Youtubers enjoy somewhat of a celebrity status. Their videos receive millions of views and offer heaps of enjoyment to many gamers all around the world.

This leads to the question, what is Minecraft? Many people have heard the name before, but they are unsure what exactly it is. Minecraft is a sandboxed world in which you can express unlimited creativity and build your own world, exactly as you like it. The game has three modes of play. Minecraft allows you to enjoy creative mode where you are allotted unlimited resources to build your empire. In Survival Mode, the player must scout out the required resources to build their world and survive the onslaughts from creatures in the world.

The best Minecraft Youtubers have turned their hobby into their job and are making good money by posting their exploits to YouTube. Let’s have a look at some of the most famous Minecraft YouTubers.


(youtube channel)

This guy has been active on YouTube for quite some time. SkyDoesMinecraft has acquired a great many followers in the time he has been active. He uses humor to make his videos interesting and lively. Other players have consistently commented on his skill level and praise him as an excellent player.


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Another interesting YouTuber, TheBajanCanadian has also been active on YouTube for a long time. TheBajanCanadian has a great number of followers! He is considered to be a very good player by other members of the YouTube community. TheBajanCanadian makes his videos as fun as possible and interacts with his viewers in this way. He sometimes invites his friends to play with him and they can regularly be seen in his videos. This adds an extra dimension to his videos and makes him unique.

Captain Sparklez

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Captain Sparklez is another interesting character that has honed his skills and is now an excellent Minecraft player. He also employs laughter to make his work as interesting as possible and has garnered a huge number of followers. Captain Sparklez is friendly.


As we can see from these few examples, it takes more than just being able to play Minecraft to be a great Minecraft YouTuber. The skills required here somewhat resemble those that we use when marketing products. Here, the players are the products and each has evolved their own unique style of marketing themselves and their unique brand.

The phenomenon of “Youtubing” has created a whole new niche market. Niche market for people to turn their hobbies into income and Minecraft is a prime example of this phenomenon in action. There are a great many players out there who are publishing their exploits on Minecraft to YouTube and reaching a huge audience with their work. It is also a great way for people who enjoy Minecraft to learn more from other players and broaden their horizons.

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