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Minecraft is an amazing. You could sit down to it and be so engrossed that you would stand up 5 hours later without realizing you have spent that much time without food, without going to the bathroom. There always is one more haze to navigate, an obstacle to surmount, another bad guy to kill. That is the world of Minecraft, engagement fused with entertainment at its best.
The ability to reify virtual reality into the consciousness presents a limitless attraction that borders on addictiveness ensuring that a gamer once attracted to the game keeps going on and on.
The creativity of players in the creation of more advanced maps is unimaginable. It seems that nothing is impossible to develop if it can be conceived. However, the types of maps that are available usually confuse even a veteran ion games and gaming. This is why we are listing and explaining some of them so that whenever you encounter them, you would know the category of game you are playing.

Adventure Maps

These are the games that tell a story. The player acts as the main character and follows through with the scenes in the adventure to accomplish an objective or a mission. To play it effectively you would need to read the story as well as follow the instructions on how to play.

Survival Maps

Although there are many different types, all are focused on survival. Some survival maps are a combination of a story with the ability to survive at all cost. For instance, a map on Robinson Crusoe would be classified a survival map for a man marooned on an uninhabited island.

Puzzle Maps

Puzzle maps are designed to test your skills at solving problems. You can only advance to the next skill if you were able to solve the problems posed by the previous. This could be finding a hidden button or building something with limited materials, sometime under a limited time frame.

Parkour Maps

This entails a race to a finish line with obstacles on the way. To advance, the player must reach the finish line.

Creation Maps

These have no set objective but showing off the creativity of the builders of the game.

PVP Maps

These stand for player versus player maps in which the games involve a contest in-game. This could enable individuals in the same location or far apart to duel. It is possible as well to contend with a program.

CTM Maps

This concept was first created by Vechs. It involves completing an assignment by finding vital instruments or key while in the presence of a hostile mob. It reflects the name, Complete the Monument.

Maze Maps

The objective of maze maps is simple, reach the end of the maze. There would be many dead ends, sometimes unexpected encounters and surprises.

Dropper Maps

Dropper maps involve falling down a tunnel while simultaneously avoiding obstacles. These obstacles are usually in block shapes and forms. Bigre was the creator of the very first dropper style map. It has since evolved to have more sophisticated versions.

PVE Maps

This is the Player versus Environment map in which the player battles mobs in order to survive. This entails combating waves of adversaries.

Horror maps

These are intense games that could scare the fainthearted. They usually are associated with custom scary sound.