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How To Make Minecraft Maps Using The Minecraft Map Editor

Minecraft provides the players with a great creative opportunity to create their own world of imaginations in the form of “maps”. Learning how to make minecraft maps is one of the most fulfilling experiences if you are aiming to play games in your customized and personalized creative world. No doubt, creating Minecraft maps is a fun activity, but hold on! It’s not that easy as it might appear to you. It takes a lot of time and painstaking to finally have a Minecraft map customized as per your imaginations.

This guide will perfectly provide you with an insight for assimilating this useful information and eventually you are all set to teach yourself this impressive and fun filled skill. Thanks to the Minecraft community for coming up with incredible tools that have made this time taking procedure a piece of cake, indeed. Yes, we are exactly talking about the Minecraft map editor.

There are top notch Minecraft map editors available at your disposal to get you the adventure map of your choice; be it a puzzle or a parkour. There is no limitation here except your imagination! Let’s have a look of some most significant Minecraft map editors before we delve deep into the procedure of creation itself.

World Marker

If the Biomes and Vanilla structures of Minecraft are now making you feel the monotony, this amazing “World Marker” is here to entertain you with unique and grand floating islands, huge water bubbles covering the blue skies and many more themes.
This map editor is filled with completely new and different objects and unusual things to give an instant kick to your creativity.

MC Dungeon

This map editor is going to be perfect for you, if you are obsessed with tricky dungeon theme maps.
This editor brings along a lot of surprises as well to satisfy your curiosity for finding hidden treasures in the maps. For enjoying a scavenger hut theme map to its fullest, MC Dungeon will never disappoint you.

Let’s get started with the basics of how to make Minecraft maps now

  • First of all you have to plan and organize your map by picking up a theme. Select a theme for your map. Some of the most popular themes are story, parkour, and survival.
  • Consider the logistics for creating your map. Now this includes a number of things like deciding upon a route, materials required for building, size of map, and a storyboard.
  • Do some research. Having a look on maps created by others out there provide you with enhanced creativity and expands the horizon of your imagination.
  • Download and install an appropriate Minecraft World editor compatible with your system requirements. MC Edit and MC Map are the most common examples for Minecraft World editor.
  • After installation, run the Minecraft on your system to get started with your adventure map.
  • Create a “new world” by clicking over Singleplayer and “More world options” available.
  • Exit your Minecraft after you are done and don’t forget to “Save” what you created so far.
  • Now open the new world and design the terrain of your map in your map editor. You can alter the biome, you can jazz up the feel of your map by adding foliage and you can delete some auto generated structures as well.

These are some basic steps, meant just to introduce you with the creativity and skill involved in creating Minecraft maps using the map editors. Creativity and imagination has no limits. The more you water these plants in your fertile mind, the more they will grow.

Just keep on exploring the available resources and your skill set and soon you will be designing the creative Minecraft Maps like a pro!