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Maps for Minecraft: Customizing Your Minecraft

Maps for Minecraft

Welcome on Maps for Minecraft where you can find thousands of custom Minecraft maps! Minecraft is one of the most successful games of all time, it is also one of the most modifiable, always presenting the most diverse ways to expand the universe of the game.

As everyone knows, in Minecraft there are no phases and no missions. All you have to do is stay alive and build things. But even so, Minecraft is a very expandable game, being able to add new maps to the game, making it more attractive and with new challenges.

In this post, you will learn how to put new maps in your game and modify skins.


Before starting the installation itself, you should download some maps. It’s very simple, just search for maps on this website and chooses yours. When you find any map you want, just download it normally, like a song or a program.

There are a wide variety of different types of Minecraft maps; some of the most popular are:

  • Survival: In this Minecraft game mode, players must collect resources, build structures, battle with mobs, restore hunger, and exploit the earth in an effort to survive.
  • Adventure: Players are usually not allowed to break blocks in this mode, and must follow a path that the map creator has prepared for them, however, it is possible to find more open adventure maps.
  • Parkour: It is a subgenre of the adventure theme that, so popular, ended up generating its own genre. In this type of map, you have to reach any goal, usually through challenges based on a series of skills, for example, extremely precise jumps.

When we download a map, it usually comes compressed into a RAR file. To access the file, we must use some decompressor, such as Winrar or 7Zip.

With the Minecraft map already downloaded, right-click the file you downloaded and select the Extract Here option. After that, a folder full of files will appear, which is the map.

You should now locate the folder named .minecraft. If you do not remember how you do, it’s simple: Go to the Start menu, and in the search bar type% appdata% and press Enter.

Once you have done this, just close everything, open Minecraft and you can already see the map downloaded in the selection screen of the worlds. Double click to open the Minecraft map and have fun!


Contrary to what many people think, modifying the skins of Minecraft is much simpler than you might think. Keep following and see how!

First, you need to open the folder where all Minecraft files are stored. To do this, type% appdata% in the search field of the Windows start menu.

Note that a folder with multiple files will open automatically. Continue entering the .minecraft> bin folder.

Now right click on the file “minecraft.jar” and open it using your decompressor.

The folder that opened inside Winrar contains all the major Minecraft files. Proceed by opening the “Mob” folder.

The listed files correspond to all the skins that appear in the game. Now, you just have to edit any of them using any graphics tool, even Paint. The file “char.png? W = 700” corresponds to the appearance of the main character, Steve.

After the job is finished, save the file with the same name and extension and put it back into the same package, replacing the original. Ready! Your new skin will be applied the next time you restart the game.

Several sites and communities on the web can also help a lot at these times, providing skins ready for you to use freely. Good examples are PlanetMinecraft and MinecraftSkins.

Enjoy and customize the game with new skins & maps for Minecraft!